Routine Eye Exams

At Delran Eye Associates we pride ourselves on the comprehensive nature of our routine exams.

  • Vision testing including refraction to measure your glasses prescription.
  • Evaluation of eye muscles that control focusing and eye aiming and movement.
  • Tonometry (the glaucoma test) to measure eye pressure.
  • Health inspection of all areas of the eyes, through dilation of the pupils.
    • The structures of the front of the eye such as the lids and lashes, the pupils, the white of the eye (the conjunctiva and sclera), and the cornea are inspected for infection and inflammation. The lens of the eye is also examined for cataracts.
    • The retina is evaluated to rule out holes, tears, detachments, and diabetic or hypertensive bleeding.
    • Exams to rule out glaucoma affecting the optic nerve, and macular degeneration affecting the central retina.
  • Contact Lens fitting is also a large part of our practice. We fit all types of contact lenses, including dailies, toric and bifocal contacts.