Geriatric Optometry

Since 1983, Dr. Angelo Aiello has spent the majority of his work time caring for senior citizens, mainly in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.  He is co-founder of Senior Medical Services, a company specializing in geriatric eye care, serving almost 100 geriatric facilities throughout the Delaware Valley.  As a result of this experience, he is well acquainted with the unique needs of the older population, and senior patients in the office benefit from his knowledge and concern for this age group.

With this in mind, the office is now expanding its reach beyond the office doors into the homes of those unable to travel to the doctor’s office for eye care.  Using portable equipment, Dr. Aiello is able to perform a comprehensive eye examination at the patient’s bedside, including tests for cataracts, glaucoma and diabetes.  He is also able to determine the patient’s eyeglass prescription and fit and dispense eyeglasses in the home.

Home visits may be scheduled by calling the office at (856) 461-0987.  Medicare and fee for service are accepted.